PUREPRESS™ Technology


You shouldn’t have to worry about your wrinkled clothes in addition to worrying about that important presentation. PUREPRESS™ cotton technology is a durable press (DP) finish that keeps you and your clothes worry-free, all while reducing strength loss and protecting against abrasion.


Whether you’re traveling for a business meeting, sitting in a traffic jam on the way to the office, or crushing those back-to-back meetings, you can feel good about choosing a clean finish that keeps your favorite cotton clothing looking good.


Fabrics are treated with crosslinking resins to improve wrinkle resistance. Crosslinking helps fabrics look smooth, keep their shape, and reduce shrinkage and pilling.


Often, crosslinking resins used in wrinkle-free finishes contain residual formaldehyde, an ingredient that is being restricted by many retailers and manufacturers in the textile industry.

Applied through a standard pad, dry, and cure fabric application process, PUREPRESS™ cotton technology offers resistance to wrinkles and abrasion—all without formaldehyde. Developed by Cotton Incorporated, PUREPRESS™ technology is a unique combination of easy-care performance that lasts.


  • Does away with risks from formaldehyde without sacrificing performance
  • Improves tensile strength, tear strength, and abrasion resistance compared to a standard DP finish
  • Minimizes yellowing, shade change, and odor
  • Helps result in comparable smoothness ratings compared to conventional resins



  • 77% agree that better quality garments are made from all-natural fibers such as cotton
  • 67% say performance features are important in their clothing purchasing decisions
  • 56% are very or somewhat likely to pay more for clothing with wrinkle-resistant properties


The PUREPRESS™ technology presents a dual advantage, coupling a formaldehyde-free composition with outstanding durability and appearance, unlike standard durable press technologies on the market. The innovative PUREPRESS™ crosslinking resins effectively preserve the strength of fibers, fortifying them against abrasion and ensuring long-lasting performance for knit and woven fabrications


Formaldehyde is known for its preservative and anti-bacterial properties. In low levels, formaldehyde is not considered to be a health problem for the general population. High-level occupational exposure studies resulted in U.S. and international health agencies classification of formaldehyde as a known carcinogen.3


There is no U.S. regulation that limits formaldehyde in clothing. Some countries restrict formaldehyde based on the type of item and age of the user. In those countries, the allowed level of formaldehyde in children’s and adult’s clothing worn against the skin is 75 parts per million (PPM) or less in one of the standard test methods. To be considered “formaldehyde-free,” the testing must show 16 or less ppm which is the typical amount found around you in your home, office, or environment.4,5


With improved performance and safer chemistry, PUREPRESS™ cotton technology is a finish you can feel good about.


For woven fabrics, you can expect less abrasion and signs of wear on areas like collars and seams, with fewer wrinkles. PUREPRESS™ technology offers improved the tear strength, tensile strength and abrasion resistance when compared to a conventional durable press finish, on both shirting weight and bottom weight fabrics.



For knit fabrics, some people dream of post-dryer smoothness, less shrinkage and curl-free collars. PUREPRESS™ technology offers notable improvement in smoothness ratings as well as more resistance to distortion and skewing when compared to standard durable press finishes, elevating the overall fabric performance.



Suppliers approved to run this technology can currently be found in Bangladesh, Peru, and Thailand. Contact your account representative to learn more about how this cotton technology can fit into your supply chain and improve your cotton products.


The PUREPRESS™ technology has been adopted by major brands and is commercially available through leading manufacturers around the globe. Contact one of these suppliers to implement PUREPRESS™ into your apparel line.


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