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Parents Prefer Cotton: Natural Fibers in Baby Care 


Natural fibers in diaper and wipe manufacturing – along with the growth of brands dedicated to sustainability and ingredient transparency – indicate an industry shift away from plastic and toward biodegradability. While a completely plastic-free disposable diaper has not been actualized, there are emerging brands integrating more natural fibers into their products in an effort to help reduce macroplastic and microplastic pollution. 


Cotton Incorporated helps brands sell circularity by integrating natural fibers into products and packaging as a pathway toward more sustainable manufacturing. Our baby care release encompasses three key reports to help product development and marketing teams build their sustainable baby products: a trial report, a creative report and a category report. Brands can also request complimentary nonwoven samples for inspiration including 100% cotton nonwoven topsheets, backsheets, and wipe swatches to aid in their research and development.  


This page highlights the Cotton Incorporated 2024 100% Cotton Nonwoven Baby Care Trials and the Cotton resources for this category including: 


For a complete look on market and insights, color and trend, and technical product for baby, view our collection of reports that coordinate with the baby care nonwovens launch. The launch includes reports, nonwoven samples, and go-to-market ideas. 100% cotton nonwoven topsheets, backsheets, and wipe swatches can be requested for product development.  


Market Report


The Cotton Incorporated 2024 Baby Care Market Report covers fiber, product category and market insights for baby care which covers wipes, nappies, diapers, and pants. For a deep dive into the baby care market view the full report 


Creative Report


The Cotton Incorporated 2024 Baby Care Creative Report is a collaboration between our nonwovens and fashion marketing divisions, actualized by contracted designer Muriel Fuster of Petitpattern. Fuster transformed youth color forecasting into delightful baby diaper prints as inspiration for brands. This creative report covers color, print, product design, packaging and point of sale including social selling trends. Ignite innovative ideas that resonate with your brand’s ethos and captivate your audience. Through insightful analysis and inspired concepts, explore new possibilities with cotton that can elevate your brand presence and drive meaningful engagement. 


Trial Report


Backed by science, Cotton provides brands technical expertise on the cotton advantage. The Cotton Incorporated 2024 100% Cotton Nonwoven Baby Care Trials is outlined in this 2024 Baby Care Trial Report. Building your cotton baby care brand is made easy with the specifications of our parents prefer cotton collection of 100% nonwovens for wipes, diaper backsheets and topsheets. Coordinating nonwoven swatches outlined in this report are viewable via our FABRICAST™ sample library accessible at:


Physical samples can be shipped to your destination by submitting your request to your account representative via Cotton capable manufacturers can be found at


The Cotton Advantage


The baby care release featuring our parents prefer cotton collection highlights 4 key benefits of cotton including absorbent, soft, hypoallergenic, and natural. For more key features and benefits of the nonwovens for this trial, review the Cotton Incorporated 2024 Baby Care Trial Report which dives deep into the specific cotton used for this launch and their attributes.  


    • Absorbent
      Cotton fibers can quickly absorb moisture for improved performance in diaper top sheets and baby wipes.  



    • Hypoallergenic
      A naturally gentle, hypoallergenic fiber, cotton is commonly recommended by dermatologists for those with skin sensitivities or allergies. Cotton’s soft, soothing texture is the ideal material when you want unparalleled comfort for gentle skin. 


    • Soft
      Cotton is inherently soft to the touch, which makes it a top consumer choice for baby care. 


Other general features and benefits of cotton to note to help you on your cotton product journey include:  



    • Breathable
      Cotton’s inherent breathability means humidity easily passes through a material, leading to an ideal microclimate against the surface of the skin. Cotton naturally reduces thermal discomfort due to its ability to transfer excess heat from the skin to the outside environment.


    • Sustainable
      Biodegradable³, cotton can be an environmentally friendly option for nonwovens. 

Go To Market with Cotton in Baby


Agriculture to afterlife, Cotton Incorporated helps brands tell an impactful cotton story in baby care. “Farm to Family” and “A Softer Strength” are market-ready concepts that illustrate the cotton advantage and show how a Seal of Cotton trademark can be integrated into your product assortment from package to point of sale for a complete cotton promotional package. 


Pulling from trend market color forecasting, this launch-with-cotton example coordinates inspiring diaper prints with packaging design. Cotton Incorporated contracted a designer to pull forecasted market colors into showstopping motifs and patterns, as well as print examples illustrating how the Seal of Cotton trademark can be integrated in more than just packaging alone through our licensing agreements. Through-and-through, cotton tells a powerful story of comfort for both baby and parents alike. 


Cotton’s circular nature protects the environment for generations ahead. Converted product samples of premium baby wipes are available at a limited supply to brands or retailers interested in this go-to-market example.  

The Power of the Seal is Real


From product to promotion, companies can leverage the Seal of Cotton trademark as a key design element to help their products stand out to parents.


Product & Packaging, Farm to Family


Inspired by a spring/summer ’26 forecasted market palette, the farm to family marketing concept highlights both graphically and in text a nod to cotton’s origin, the farm. Coordinating diaper print motifs are scattered throughout, and this theme emphasizes natural. Cotton Incorporated isn’t just a fiber, we support brands as a vehicle for consumer connection. The omni-channel potential is shown here tapping into the fabric of our lives website highlighting Cotton’s tagline that’s been marketed for decades to end consumers. The key cotton promotional statements in this farm to family concept are highlighted below.


  • Absorbent, Soft for Sensitive Skin, Hypoallergenic², and Natural 
  • Marketing copy on the packaging includes, “Derived from a farm, you’ll immediately notice the earthy ecru hue of our wipes, a reflection of the natural goodness inherent in this gentle fiber. The fiber of our lives, cotton is renowned for its softness, absorbency, and hypoallergenic² properties, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin. That’s why when it comes to baby products, parents prefer cotton.” 

Product & Packaging, A Softer Strength


Inspired by a fall/winter ’25-26 forecasted market pallet, the softer strength marketing concept highlights the gentleness and durability of cotton. The juxtaposition of seemingly contrasting attributes highlights cotton’s versatility as an ingredient enhancing consumer connection. Coordinating diaper print motifs are crafted throughout this packaging artwork. The key promotional statements in this softer strength concept are highlighted below.  

  • Absorbent, Soft for Sensitive Skin, Hypoallergenic², and Natural 
  • Marketing copy on the packaging includes, “Crafted with the gentle touch of nature and engineered for a softer strength, these premium wipes are stronger than leading brands while remaining gentle on sensitive skin. Made from hypoallergenic² natural fibers, sourced responsibly for their purity and sustainability, our wipes provide an unmatched level of cotton comfort and care that parents prefer.” 

Point of Sale

The display shown below was manufactured by Bay Cities® for illustrative purposes.






Licensing and promotion agreements span product to packaging and point of sale; our nonwovens team even licenses the Seal of Cotton trademark for TV commercials. Check out this example of how a brand licensed the Seal of Cotton trademark in advertisements

As to not imply endorsement, other examples of Seal partners in baby can be found in our cotton brand sourcing directories here:

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Marketing cotton is an area our nonwovens team loves to connect with brands on, and 92% of consumers say the Seal of Cotton trademark helps them identify cotton products. To learn more on the Seal of Cotton trademark take a look at our latest brochure at or schedule a meeting with your account executive by submitting your inquiry to 


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