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Made Simple

Last Updated 2024


Unlock the power of the Seal of Cotton trademark, a visual beacon guiding consumers to premium cotton products. Discover the seamless process of licensing the Seal and elevate your brand’s credibility.

Baby Care

Last Updated 2024


With the global baby care market expanding rapidly, parents are increasingly seeking natural, safe, and eco-conscious products for their little ones. Discover why cotton stands as a natural frontrunner in meeting these demands within the global baby care industry.

Adult Incontinence

Last Updated 2013


Discover the preferred choice for security and skin wellness among consumers. Uncover the compelling reasons why cotton remains the trusted go-to for crafting top-quality incontinence products.

Period Care

Last Updated 2024


Unlock insights into the dynamic global period care market with our consumer-centric solutions. Explore pivotal trends and understand why cotton products resonate with consumers worldwide.