Cotton’s Take on the Menstrual Health Market

Listen in as nonwovens expert Jan O’Regan discusses cotton’s role in the menstrual health market.


This podcast covers everything you need to know about cotton and the global hygiene market:

  • Market size
  • Demographics
  • Leaders
  • Consumer preferences




Proving a Natural Solution

The European Commission adopted the world’s first comprehensive plastics strategy to decrease single-use plastics accounting for marine litter. This webinar covers this plastics strategy, legislative action against single-use plastic items and plastic fishing gear, brand and retailer awareness about the volume of microfibers in aquatic environments due to laundering of clothing, and alternatives to synthetic fibers and solutions to their effects on the environment.


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Webinar originally played 4/21/21

Less Ouch, More Ahh

Clinical Evaluation of the Hypoallergenic Properties of Cotton

Did you know that cotton is hypoallergenic?


In this webinar, we take a deeper look into a clinical evaluation of the hypoallergenic properties of cotton.


Nonwovens expert Jan O’Regan discusses the evaluation’s methodology, process, results, and what those results mean for cotton.


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Webinar originally played 12/1/20


Global Market for Baby Care

Today & Tomorrow

Cotton Incorporated teamed with The Martec Group to conduct a global market research project, concentrating primarily on baby diapers and baby wipes. In this webinar, Jan O’Regan, an expert in the field of nonwovens, explores the results of this research project and takes a closer look at the similarities and differences between baby care products.


About the Research

To get a sense of similarities and differences, consumers from eight countries were surveyed: United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Germany, France, and the UK. This work also incorporates economic and demographic data providing an understanding of these markets today and where they are headed 5 years from now.


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Webinar originally played 11/21/19


Global Feminine Hygiene Market & Millennials

In the coming years, Millennials and Gen Z will account for almost all of the feminine hygiene population.


Watch our Global Feminine Hygiene Market & Millennials webinar to learn about the impact millennials will have on the future of the feminine hygiene market. Discover market dynamics projected over the next 15 years, habits related to product usage including the impact of technology in the retail environment, and opportunities for you to win market share and customer loyalty into the future.


Download the Global Feminine Hygiene Market & Millenials presentation slides.


Webinar originally played 12/13/16


Our Aging Population

Meeting Needs Respectfully and Profitably in the Global Market for Incontinence Products

During this webinar, we share with you what we’ve learned about the global market for adult incontinence products through a recent study and offer a better understanding of similarities and differences among regions and countries that were studied. Highlights include growth prospects to 2030 for adult incontinence products as influenced by demographics, economics, consumer product usage, shopping habits, and consumer needs.


We discuss these highlights as well as opportunities to incorporate cotton and how it can benefit your customers and bottom line.


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Webinar originally played 12/12/17