Cotton LEADS℠

Committed to Responsible Cotton Production

The Cotton LEADS℠ program is committed to responsible cotton production and is founded on core principles that are consistent with sustainability, the use of best practices, and traceability in the supply chain. The program offers manufacturers, brands, and retailers a reliable cotton supply chain solution and confidence that their raw material is responsibly produced and identified. The Cotton LEADS program strives to make sure cotton is produced responsibly now and for years to come.


This joint program was initiated by Australia and the United States offers manufacturers, brands, and retailers. It provides a reliable and responsible cotton supply chain solution. Cotton producers and industry organizations in Australia and the United States pioneered the investments, practices, and national infrastructures necessary to put cotton production practices on paths to continual improvement.



Benefits for Retailers, Brands, & Manufacturers


  • Confidence that your cotton is responsibly produced.
  • Transparency and traceability in the supply chain.
  • An ample, year-round supply of cotton qualities to meet manufacturing needs.
  • No membership fees, added costs, or price distortions in the supply chain.
  • No requirement to buy a minimum of Australian or U.S. cotton.
  • Recognition for joining member countries and other Cotton LEADS Partners in their commitment to continual improvement and responsible cotton production.


Specify Cotton LEADS as one of your preferred cottons, and you can have confidence that your cotton is responsibly produced.



Textile manufacturers, brands, and retailers partner with the Cotton LEADS program to support sustainable cotton production. The program engages with partners to find the right fit for them, and in every case, active partners are working for the good of their bottom lines, their industries, and the environment.



Why Become a Partner?

As a Cotton LEADS partner, the program seeks to work with you to source Australian and U.S. cotton into your supply chain so that you can be sure you’re using raw materials that are sustainably produced. The job is made easier thanks to the transparency and traceability in the Australian and U.S. cotton supply.