retail product merchandising

Retail Product Merchandising

Retail Product Merchandising (Section 1) covers merchandising components and the Buying-Selling Cycle.

Establishing the Retail Environment Store Image

Establishing the Retail Store Image: Six-Step Method

Establishing the Retail Store Image (Section 2, Part 1) covers elements that create a store's personality and attract customers.

presentation by color

Visual Merchandising: Presentation by Color

Visual Merchandising (Section 2, Part 3): Presentation by Color studies the importance of color in marketing/merchandising products.

Trend Modifiers

Establishing the Retail Merchandise Mix

Retail Product Merchandising (Section 2): Establishing the Merchandise Mix addresses all of the components of the merchandise mix.

bowtie shirt stripes

Visual Merchandising: Investigating Design Principles & Art Elements

Investigating Design Principles and Art Elements to Communicate Store Image and Build Profitable Retail Sales.

kids dresses display

Visual Merchandising: Examine Six Basic Principles of Display

Examines the six basic principles of display: planning, merchandise selection, color, composition, lighting, and effectiveness.


Visual Merchandising: 3×3 Merchandise Presentations

Examines tools, art elements, and design principles that establish the store ambience or atmosphere.

Visual Merchandising: Establish Merchandising Policy

Visual Merchandising: Establish Merchandising Policy

Examines the aspects of establishing a merchandising policy.

Planning a Merchandise Presentation

Visual Merchandising: Plan Merchandise Presentation

Examines how to plan a merchandise presentation.

Developing the Fashion Image

Visual Merchandising: Develop Fashion Image

Examines how to develop a consistent fashion image in retail.

Develop the Store Image

Visual Merchandising: Develop an Inviting & Identifiable Store Environment

How to select the elements or store image cues and attributes to create the mental image/impression of the store's personality.

Tenant Mix

Visual Merchandising: Investigate Trading Area

Store location is an essential element of the store’s brand image and impacts other image elements such as the store’s external environment...

Visual Merchandising: Defining Visual Merchandise & Display

Background information, basic terminology, and vocabulary to understand visual merchandising and differentiate between merchandising types.