History of Denim

History of Denim

From the origin of the word "jeans" to its revolution in the fashion industry to where it gets its color, learn more about the history of denim.

Denim Manufacturing Basics

Denim Manufacturing Basics

Get a large view look at the process behind denim manufacturing—from weaves and weights to non-conventional denim fabrics.

Denim Manufacturing: Yarn Processes

Denim Yarn

How denim looks and feels depends greatly on its yarn. Size, twist, ring or open-end spinning—see how they all play a role in the final look.

Denim Weaving Process

Denim Weaving

When denim is placed on a loom, a number of elements and manufacturing decisions will determine the final look of the denim.

Denim Garment Construction: Spreading, Cutting, & Sewing

A lot goes into making a pair of jeans. First, the denim is spread and cut. Then, each piece must be sewn on, including belt loops and zippers.

Denim Basic & Premium Finishing

Denim is a part of nearly everyone’s wardrobe. Simple or elaborate—fabric finishing is part of virtually every denim garment.

Denim Finishing Machinery

Take a look at some of the machines used in denim finishing, including rotary machines, dryers, and presses.

Denim Wet Finishing

Wet denim finishing uses washing techniques to alter a garment's appearance. From stonewashing to bleach to softeners—learn more about wet finishing.

Denim Dry Finishing

Dry finishing mimics what happens naturally to denim after regular wash and wear. From laser to whiskering to sanding—learn more about dry finishing.

Sustainable Denim Processing

Sustainable Denim Processing

Brands and consumers are looking for more sustainable options without sacrificing the look and feel that consumers love about their favorite jeans.