Regenerative Agriculture, CottonWorks™

Regenerative Agriculture

The benefits of regenerative agriculture bolster brands’ efforts to improve sustainability within their supply chains.

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Circularity of Cotton

Cotton can be reused, recycled, and returned to the earth. Explore three intersecting paths of cotton's circular lifecycle.

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Biodegradability of Cotton

What happens when your favorite cotton shirt finally reaches the end of its functional life? Explore this natural fiber's afterlife.

Cotton Sustainability Basics

Cotton Sustainability Basics

From water conservation to soil health to reducing energy, cotton farming has made immense progress in sustainability.

Recycled Cotton

The use of recycled materials is a growing topic of interest and recycled cotton can find new life in many different products.


Sustainability Goals for U.S. Cotton

U.S. cotton producers are leading the way in responsible cotton production practices. So what will the next ten years look like?

Cotton Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment of Cotton

Key impact areas and environmental benchmarking for cotton.


Solutions for Minimal Processing

The natural cotton fiber can be spun, knit, or woven, and even finished in a way that maintains that natural look and feel.

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Consumer Perceptions

Explore consumer perceptions relating to cotton and cotton sustainability using ongoing research from Cotton Incorporated.

Blue Jeans Go Green

Blue Jeans Go Green™

The Blue Jeans Go Green™ program collects denim across the US to divert it from landfills and recycles it into denim insulation.

Technologies to Reduce WEC

The World of Ideas presents practical and effective technologies for reducing the use of WEC in cotton textile processing.

Industry Profiles - Man in cotton field

Industry Profiles

Discover the stories of producers and brands as they lead the way to responsibly produce and manufacture cotton.