Industry Profiles

Discover the stories of brands, retailers, and U.S. cotton producers as they lead the way to responsibly produce and manufacture cotton.




Brands & Retailers



Walmart believes that the customer should be able to have a quality, reasonably priced product that is also produced as sustainably as possible. With a goal to reduce emissions in their supply chain by 1 gigaton by 2030, Walmart felt it was a natural fit to partner with the Cotton LEADS℠ program to help them learn more about these types of continuous improvement opportunities.



Born in the American heartland and members of the Cotton LEADS℠ program, the story of Wrangler and U.S. cotton growers have a lot in common. Wrangler’s product is originally driven by innovation and technology and they are very proud of the strides that U.S. cotton growers have made in regards to bringing technology and innovation to the farm level.

Fruit of the Loom

“Doing the right thing should have no competitive boundaries,” says Tony Pelaski, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. That’s why Fruit of the Loom was one of the first partners in the Cotton LEADS℠ program, allowing them to join with others for the same cause of environmental sustainability.


As the largest domestic user of U.S. cotton and a Cotton LEADS℠ partner, Gildan is dedicated to sustainability in textile manufacturing. Throughout their facilities, they evaluate and measure power usage, water usage, and chemical usage—all with a focus on consistency and quality throughout the process from yarn to garment.


Cotton has been in Hanesbrands’ DNA since the early 1900s—they are truly experts in cotton manufacturing. But, they will admit they are not experts in cotton production. That’s why they joined the Cotton LEADS℠ program. Partnering with the program gives them the assurance the cotton they use is being produced in the most sustainable way possible—and that is very important to the brand.



Clothworks, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, takes responsible production seriously. From dirt to shirt, their American Made Brand fabric is 100% cotton shirting, grown in America, woven in America, and dyed in America.

Ropa Sport



A Vision for Sustainability

Since its inception, Ropa Sport has been dedicated to cotton, and joining the Cotton LEADS℠ program inspired them to create a vision for sustainability—and to make changes to properly use natural resources and ensure they are available to future generations. Ropa Sport sees people and the planet as the future of their company—and one way to make the world a better place.




Reducing WEC in Denim Manufacturing

Tavex is a leading cotton denim and garment manufacturer providing high-quality products to jeanswear brands throughout the Western Hemisphere. Not only is Tavex dedicated to high-quality and full-service products, but they are also dedicated to and invested in the sustainability of those products.



Zagis is focused on becoming a worldwide leader in the textile industry by using state-of-the-art technology while keeping highly responsible production standards. As a company, they have a passionate mission to protect the environment. Zagis feels that its strong commitment to the planet is consistent with the Cotton LEADS℠ program.

Textiles La Libertad


Textiles La Libertad is a family-run spinning mill in Mexico using cotton as its main raw material. While they believe quality and service are the qualities that drive their business, they also believe in preserving the environment for years to come, which is why they are proud members of the Cotton LEADS℠ program.



U.S. Cotton Producers & Researchers


Donny Lassiter


Donny Lassiter, a U.S. cotton producer in North Carolina, talks about the science, art, and experience to grow cotton responsibly.

Steve Wilbur


Steve Wilbur, a cotton producer in California, discusses his history with farming and how he views the importance of sustainable practices.

Lacy Vardeman


Lacy Vardeman, a U.S. cotton producer in Texas, discusses the family aspect of farming and the steps she and her family have made to produce cotton using more sustainable practices.

Dr. Dan Carmichael


Dr. Dan Carmichael seeks to emulate what a farmer would do within a specific climate, aiming to reduce the cost to the farmer while saving the environment’s resources.

The Warren Family


The Warrens are third-generation cotton farmers who are using new technology to farm sustainably.

Doyle Schniers


Doyle Schniers is adopting new technologies as part of his mission to leave the land in better condition than what he started with.

Sledge Taylor


Precision agriculture allows Sledge Taylor to use less water, less fertilizer, and fewer plant protection products in his cotton fields. Hear how Sledge views farming as both an art and science.

Dr. Tina Gray Teague


Dr. Tina Gray Teague is involved in the research of integrated pest management with goals to reduce field inputs and cost to farmers while increasing outputs in a sustainable farm environment.

Dr. Bill Robertson


Dr. Bill Robertson is a cotton extension agronomist who actively works to make sure research is communicated to the producers in order to improve production methods and profit.

Fred Bourland


Fred Bourland is a cotton breeder working to make the plants more efficient in order to produce a better yield with improved fiber quality.

Rich Lindsey


Rich Lindsey is a 5th generation cotton farmer and ginner, applying modern technology and data to every part of the field to maximize influence, reduce run-off, and increase sustainability.

Andrew Burleson


Andrew Burleson is a cotton farmer working to improve soil health and leave the world a better place through no-till farming.