Earth Day Recap

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Earth Day Recap

Sustainability is in the spotlight each April, but it’s front and center for the U.S. cotton industry year-round. If you missed our Earth Day features celebrating the science and art of cotton sustainability, we’ve got your full recap here.

A Sustainable Future with Cotton

There’s a journey involved when investing in a sustainable future.

For cotton, that means appreciating the innately sustainable aspects of this renewable fiber while advocating for continuous improvements at the farm, manufacturing, and consumer levels.

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More Than Just a Fiber

Cotton goes beyond clothes—and into your baked goods?

While the fiber from the cotton plant is used in clothes and other familiar products, Dr. Susan Jaconis—a director of agriculture and environmental research at Cotton Incorporated—talked about some of the other uses of the plant.

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The Good Bugs

Did you know insects can sometimes be good for cotton?

Dr. Ryan Kurtz, a senior director of agriculture and environmental research at Cotton Incorporated, talked through the process of dealing with insects in a way that benefits cotton crops and minimizes the impact on the environment.

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Not-So-Thirsty Cotton

Do you know the truth about cotton’s water use?

Dr. Ed Barnes, a senior director of agriculture and environmental research at Cotton Incorporated, set the record straight about cotton’s water needs and its ability to thrive in drought and heat.

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Planet-Friendly Fabric Inspiration

Looking for opportunities to create and market products with compelling sustainability stories?

Our product development teamed up with leading manufacturers on a unique FABRICAST™ collection using natural dyes and dyes created from textile waste materials.

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Recycled Cotton Webinar

With increasing consumer focus on sustainability and circularity, recycled textiles are seen by many as a key driver toward more sustainable apparel.

We talked with Karla Magruder, founder of Accelerating Circularity, about how organizations can scale up recycling textile materials, and Martin Schreiner, director of fiber processing at Cotton Incorporated, about the opportunities and challenges of integrating recycled cotton into textiles.

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Digging into Carbon

As global focus on climate change increases, so has attention to carbon capture and sequestration.

That’s why we’ve updated our Cotton Sustainability Basics page to include facts about cotton and carbon, answering your important questions about their relationship and what the cotton industry is doing to invest in a healthier planet.

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