Global Lifestyle Monitor: Columbia

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Colombia is a growing market for clothing brands and retailers. Consumers spent $9.5 billion on clothing in 2017, and this number is expected to grow 49% by 2030. Overwhelming optimism about their personal finances provides opportunities for companies to reach Colombian consumers with new fashions and dynamic retail experiences.


Colombian consumers enjoy shopping for clothes (86%), and this means traditional in-person retail for each stage of the shopping journey. Despite internet use by 58% of the population², just over one third (36%) have ever used the internet to browse or buy clothing. Maximize the market potential of these consumers by investing in dynamic in-person retail experiences.


Colombians are discerning clothes consumers. They look for clothes that provide comfort, quality, fit, and durability, leading them to prefer cotton-rich fabrics especially for items worn close to the skin. They are willing to pay more for quality, and want their clothing to do more by addressing physical processes such as perspiration. Help Colombian consumers take their fashion sense to the next level with new technologies made of cotton-rich fabrics to provide the comfort, quality, and style they seek.

Colombian consumers stand out for their love of clothes shopping, owning 33% more garments than the average for consumers across the world. Nine in ten enjoy the in-store shopping experience, and half cite this enjoyment as the reason they do not shop online. An increasing number of Colombian consumers are incorporating online sources as they look for new clothing ideas, and social media is especially popular among younger Colombians. Get ahead of this changing market by integrating online and social media into the in-store shopping experience.

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