Introducing the New CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom

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Introducing the CottonWorks Virtual Showroom

Experience the Latest Innovations in Cotton Fabrics & Trends

Fashion can be transformative—people often use clothing and personal style to express themselves in different ways. Now, the world of fashion design is facing a transformation of its own, with the introduction of the new CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom, an online experience allowing users to discover the power of cotton through an immersive, cutting-edge platform that showcases the latest in cotton fashion trends and inspiration. 

Explore the Showroom

The CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom is an interactive digital space that is designed to inspire and educate the fashion industry about the endless possibilities with cotton.

Through 3D garment visualizations and interactive features, users can engage with the newest cotton trends and fabrics for sustainable and stylish fashion. Not only is the showroom an immersive and innovative virtual experience, but it also functions to set trends, inspire creativity, and make fashion design a more sustainable and efficient practice.

Explore the Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom Welcome Center

“As the first fiber to push the frontier of digital fabrics, cotton has once again found an innovative way to support brands and designers. The CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom offers inspiration, practical concepts, and a way for designers, merchandisers, and product developers to think differently and creatively about using cotton.”

Mark Messura, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain Marketing at Cotton Incorporated

Immersive & Innovative Virtual Experience

The CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom provides an engaging experience that transports users from a cotton field to a striking cotton boll-inspired architectural space, filled with stylish and innovative cotton fabrics and garments. Users can peruse a free digital library of 50 cotton fabrics in this visually stunning digital space.  

The showroom brings cotton fabrics and garments to life through realistic 3D visualization. This innovative technology allows users to work with digital fabrics in a more realistic manner by showcasing how they actually scale and drape on virtual garments. Users can also access digital fabric files (i.e., CLO or Browzwear) for seamless integration into their own designs.

Trendsetting & Endless Inspiration

As certain aspects of the fashion industry move toward increased digitalization, staying ahead of the technology curve can help elevate fashion designers. Using the CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom, designers can experience a virtual environment featuring the latest fabric selections and fashion-forward garment designs to inspire their next collections, all of which are carefully selected exclusively for CottonWorks™ users—and all happening from the convenience of a computer screen. The showroom presents the perfect blend of virtual tools for endless experimentation and discovery with cotton fashion.

Sustainability is Key

Sustainability has become another issue of key importance within the fashion industry, with many consumers, brands, and retailers now gravitating toward fabrics and garments that are made using environmentally responsible methods, and created via a supply chain that is less wasteful of time and resources.1, 2

The CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom allows users to discover the sustainable advantages of cotton as a versatile fiber, featuring fabrics crafted from recycled cotton, natural and recycled dyes, and sustainable finishing techniques. It also features fabrics that use minimal processing as well as innovative alternatives to garments such as synthetic fleece.

Additionally, the showroom allows for quicker, more efficient, and more ample fashion experimentation without the continuous cutting and shipping of fabric samples.

Three Distinct Showroom Spaces

For convenience, the CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom is divided into three uniquely curated spaces that allow users to experience different categories of fashion design—Active, Natural, and Trend. 

Virtual Showroom active collection

ACTIVE: Performance Meets Style

In the showroom’s Active space, users can discover how to elevate their activewear game with innovative cotton garments that combine fashion and functionality, such as breathability and moisture wicking. You can also find versatile pieces designed for optimal performance, comfort, and style, featuring cotton technologies such as STORM COTTON™ technology, TOUGH COTTON™ technology, and TransDRY® technology.

NATURAL: Sustainable Elegance

In the showroom’s Natural space, users have the opportunity to embrace the beauty and benefits of natural cotton with sustainable garments that prioritize style without compromising the health of the environment.

Virtual Showroom natural collection
Virtual Showroom trend collection

TREND: Fashion-Forward Fabrics

In the showroom’s Trend space, users can stay in the know about Cotton Incorporated’s newest, freshest fabrics, handpicked by trend forecasters who travel the globe to uncover emerging styles. Exploring garments that effortlessly complement these fabrics for a truly fashionable statement has never been easier.

Calling All Fashion Lovers…

Now is the time to explore the CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom and discover the future of cotton through an innovative digital experience. Download free, digital fabric files to bring garment ideas and designs to life, and stay ahead of the “fashion game” by regularly visiting our platform for the latest trends and technologies in the world of cotton.

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