Join Us at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show

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Don’t miss these new updates for cotton at the Outdoor Retailer Show, July 23-26 in Denver, CO. Stop by booth #53095-UL or contact us to set up an appointment.

Cotton Biodegradability

Did You Know Cotton Doesn’t Shed Microplastics?

Cotton actually biodegrades faster than polyester in wastewater environments, leaving less of an impact on our oceans. Stay with us during the coming weeks to see how cotton and polyester compare as they biodegrade in wastewater environments.


Reducing WEC with naturally brown cotton

40+ Ideas to Reduce WEC

Did you know there are technologies out there to help you reduce your water, energy and chemical use when processing cotton fabrics – making that dirt to shirt process as natural as it can be? We’ve got new fabric collections, solutions from Archroma and Novozymes, and 40+ other ideas for you to consider.


Cotton Performance Technology

Same Great Performance, Now MORE Sustainable

If you know cotton, you know it can do just about anything. It can wick moisture, repel water, keep you dry, resist wrinkles – all while being breathable, comfortable and downright lovable. Now, cotton performance technologies have new formulations to reduce chemicals such as fluorine and formaldehyde.


Other New Cotton Features at Outdoor Retailer:

+ Collaborations with Cone Denim and Cordura® featuring increased durability for cotton.

+ WICKING WINDOWS™ + Phase Change fabrics to keep you cool and dry.

+ Fabrics featuring Noble Biomaterials XT2® antimicrobial technology.

+ 3D printed materials containing cotton.