Onward Reserve launches PUREPRESS™ Technology

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Who has time to worry about wrinkled clothing? If you’re looking for the perfect, easy-care Chino pant, look no further. Onward Reserve has launched its men’s City Chinos featuring PUREPRESS™ technology. The PUREPRESS™ finish offers wrinkle resistance with the added benefit of protecting against abrasion. Plus, unlike most other durable press finishes in the market, PUREPRESS™ technology doesn’t use formaldehyde— so you can feel good about clothes that look good.

Onward Reserve calls out the PUREPRESS™ technology on their website and states the benefits of the easy-care, wrinkle-resistant finish. The City Chinos are made with 96% cotton and are offered in three different colors.

Onward Reserve’s website states that they’re the “easiest to wear and easiest to care chino out there.”


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