Odor & Antimicrobial Technologies

As consumers continue to purchase and activewear and athleisure apparel, antimicrobial and anti-odor technologies have risen in popularity. Research shows that consumers are actively seeking odor-resistant properties in their active apparel—69% are likely to search for odor-resistant technology when purchasing activewear, and more than 9 in 10 consumers are saying they wear their activewear for purposes other than exercise.1


Consumers love cotton because it offers softness and comfort, but it also offers the benefit of versatile antimicrobial options to keep the consumer feeling fresh. The below technologies can all be blended with or applied to cotton fabrics.



In the extruded form of Ionic+™, positively charged silver ions are permanently embedded into the fiber or filament. The technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on fabrics and keeps apparel odor-free. Ionic+™ is available in staple or filament yarn, is dyeable, and can be blended with cotton to create cotton-rich performance fabrics. Ionic+™ is registered with the EPA and does not use nanotechnology or nanosilver.


Learn more at noblebiomaterials.com.


Polygiene® uses natural silver salt from recycled silver to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Polygiene® is a fabric finish and is shown to be compatible with Cotton Incorporated’s TransDRY® moisture management technology. Testing shows that TransDRY® technology plus Polygiene® absorbs just as fast as regular TransDRY® products, with the added antimicrobial and odor control benefits. Polygiene® does not contain nanosilver.


Learn more at polygiene.com.

Agion Active™

Agion Active™ is an enhanced performance solution that combines Agion® antimicrobial technology with Sciessent Lava™ odor control. This combination attacks and reduces odor-causing bacteria by trapping vapors on contact, while stopping the growth of various microbes with a trio of silver, copper, and zinc. Agion Active™ is applied as a fabric finish for long-lasting freshness and has been tested to be compatible with Cotton Incorporated’s TransDRY® moisture management technology.


Learn more at sciessent.com.

The Science of Odor

Dr. Rachel McQueen


Hear from Dr. Rachel McQueen of the University of Alberta as she discusses the connection between clothing and odors as well as her research into the science behind the connection.


1. Source Cotton Incorporated’s 2016 Activewear study