Cotton is famous for both comfort and durability. Now, that double delight is even better. Knit and woven cotton fabrics can be engineered to protect you on the trail, playground, and workplace without sacrificing quality.


Combined with other performance finishes for cotton such as TransDRY® moisture-wicking and STORM COTTON™ water repellent technologies, these durable technologies can deliver the ultimate performance cotton garment.



Everyday use and home laundering are no match for Cotton Incorporated’s TOUGH COTTON™ technology. Knit and woven fabrics treated with TOUGH COTTON™ technology offer enhanced durability—a unique combination of abrasion resistance, strength, and colorfastness.


Applied in garment or fabric form, TOUGH COTTON™ technology uses a proprietary finish to achieve strength and durability while improving fabric hand and sewability. TOUGH COTTON™ technology protects throughout the life of the garment with very little degradation to the fabric. So go ahead, get tough. Cotton isn’t afraid of a little wear and tear.




Up to 8X

better abrasion resistance for wovens




Up to 4X

better abrasion resistance for knits




Up to 56%

improvement in tear strength*

*wovens, warp, and fill directions



Now, cotton is taking durability to a whole new level.


There are several ways to achieve improved durability for even the toughest challenges—from functional finishing to blended fabrications.


In addition to Cotton Incorporated’s own TOUGH COTTON™ technology, we have collaborated with several fiber manufacturers to design fabrics with improved abrasion resistance and improved tensile and tear strength (in other words: improved protection from rips, tears, and holes).

“Quality” can have different meanings for consumers:


58% believe that “good quality” means durable or long-lasting.


23% believe it means good or strong fibers and materials.


12% believe it means the garment was made well.2


INVISTA’s CORDURA® branded fabrics can be constructed with cotton to create a comfortable cotton-rich fabric with additional strength and durability that is suitable for all your active, outdoor, and workwear needs. The combination of cotton and nylon provides resistance to abrasion and minimizes wear and tear.


CORDURA® branded fabrics can be cotton-rich to create a wide range of knit and woven fabric weights—from ultra-lightweight to heavyweight.


These fabrics are available in many different constructions and textures, designed to make strong, long-lasting products for all adventures while maintaining the comfort of cotton.



Tear Strength

Tear strength can improve by more than 50% with the Cotton CORDURA blend.



Stronger with CORDURA

Cotton CORDURA fabrics can be more than 3x stronger than cotton alone.



Abrasion Resistance

Up to 4 times better abrasion resistance than cotton alone.




Dyneema® is a high-strength, low-density polyethylene substrate that is used to increase durability and strength for fabrics and materials. Dyneema® offers a new level of tensile and tear strength for woven fabrics, reducing fabric rips, snags, and punch-throughs.


Traditionally used in other industrial applications, Dyneema® fiber is intimately blended with cotton to create a high-cotton content yarn to maintain comfort and softness while improving the strength of the overall fabric. The blended yarn can be placed in the warp or fill of a woven fabric, or both for an extra level of protection.



Fabric collection manufactured by Cone Denim.


*Trademark of DSM Dyneema®

Prevent Tears




Dyneema® fabrics blended with cotton have the ability to prevent tears.

Improved Tensile Strength



Dyneema® fabrics blended with cotton improve tensile strength by up to 39%.


[1] CCI & Cotton Incorporated 2016 Activewear Study
[2] Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey 2016