RESTech COTTON™ Technology



Engineered with comfort, durability, and sustainability in mind,  RESTech COTTON™ technology sets a new standard in bedding innovation. Outperforming synthetic fibers with its cool comfort and lasting durability, RESTech COTTON™ technology is the natural choice for retailers looking to elevate their consumer’s sleep experience. 


RESTech COTTONtechnology is an innovate technology that sets itself apart from its synthetic counterparts. Consumer preferences and demands have helped Cotton Incorporated engineer the latest in bedding excellence.

What Consumers Are Saying:

Cotton Incorporated’s Home Textile Survey results demonstrate what qualities consumers look for when purchasing bedding. And the results are in: people resonate with the benefits of RESTech COTTON™ technology.¹ The survey found that:


  • 63% of consumers say it is very important to know the fiber content of sheets and bedding
  • 79% of consumers prioritize quality when choosing sheets
  • 87% of consumers say quality sheets and bedding can help you sleep better
  • 80% are willing to invest more in higher quality linens, recognizing comfort’s essential role in their lives. 
  • 7 out of 10 consumers say they are likely to look for home textiles described as 100% cotton


Where Innovation Meets Sweet Dreams

What is RESTech COTTON?


RESTech COTTON™ technology is Cotton Incorporated’s revolutionary innovation that blends cool comfort, exceptional durability, and gentle softness with sustainability in mind. It’s the natural, comfortable solution that consumers have been waiting for; taking the sleep experience to new heights and appealing to a wide range of consumers, home brands, and retailers.


RESTech COTTON™ technology sets a new standard in moisture management, allowing for a comfortable and dry night’s sleep, even for those who tend to sweat at night. This innovative technology reduces the amount of moisture that is absorbed into the fabric, allowing it to dry at a quicker rate than other fabrics. The combination of the silicone softener and crosslinker used in the RESTech COTTON technology also provides an exceptionally soft feel and improved durability compared to untreated cotton. This development is a natural fit for bedding, especially due to consumers desiring increased moisture management solutions in the home market without compromising on exceptional comfort and sustainability. 

Enhanced Moisture Management

  • Dries faster than synthetic alternatives
  • Maintains the natural comfort and breathability of cotton
  • Designed to maintain body temperature throughout sleep
  • Builds on the natural thermo-regulating properties of cotton
  • Perfect for hot sleepers


RESTech COTTON™ technology is designed with a focus on moisture management, drying 50% faster than rayon on the skin

This creates an enhanced sleep experience, especially for hot sleepers. Building on the natural benefits of cotton and taking consumer needs into consideration, RESTech COTTON™ technology is a revolutionary approach to a comfortable and dry night’s sleep. 


We put our technology to the test – and found that RESTech COTTON™ fibers dry at a faster rate than other sheets on the market. Research shows that cotton keeps you cooler while sleeping due to its naturally thermo-regulating properties.³ This combined with the fast-drying moisture management properties of RESTech COTTON™ technology makes for an exceptionally cooling sleep experience during any season. 


Our bodies naturally lower our body temperature during sleep, and cotton helps to maintain this lower body temperature while we rest. This impacts the quality of our sleep, with comfort testing research indicating that those resting on cotton bedding registered the least brain activity and fewer fluctuations in body temperature compared to other fibers, which makes for deeper and more restful sleep. RESTech COTTON™ technology has enhanced the natural benefits of cotton, creating the cooling comfort that consumers desire.


Bedding That Stands the Test of Time


Nobody likes sheets whose quality deteriorates quickly – or bedding that needs to be replaced too often. That’s why RESTech COTTON™ technology was engineered to stand the test of time and provide lasting comfort season after season.


Through extensive flex abrasion testing, RESTech COTTON™ fibers were designed to withstand frequent home launderings without ever sacrificing its luxuriously soft feel. The technology offers consumers the best of both worlds: exceptional softness and a product that was designed to last. 






Comfort Consumers can Count On


Cotton is often the natural choice for bedding because of its soft, breathable qualities. 7 out of 10 customers actively look for the 100% Cotton label on their bedding because they know that cotton sheets make for a comfortable night’s sleep. We’ve taken the natural comfort of cotton to new heights with this groundbreaking technology – making way for your softest night’s sleep yet. 


Proven to be 40% softer than untreated cotton sheets4, RESTech COTTON™ technology was engineered for breathable comfort. Through extensive research and testing, Cotton Incorporated has created a technology that enhances the natural softness of cotton while still maintaining its breathable, thermo-regulating properties. 


Consumer research found that consumers recognize the value of investing in high-quality linens, and the connection between quality sheets and a better night’s sleep. The added softness of RESTech COTTON™ fibers, and the consumer recognition of cotton as a luxurious fiber for bedding, make this technology a natural choice for those looking to elevate their sleep experience with high-quality, comfortable bedding.


Kind to the Earth, Kind to Your Body



As a natural fiber, cotton is the perfect choice for those looking to make more sustainable purchases. Naturally biodegradable5  and recyclable6, cotton is an environmentally friendly fiber that never sacrifices on quality. And best of all? It comes straight from nature. 


Choosing cotton instead of synthetic alternatives can help combat rising environmental problems like microplastics and microplastic pollution. 


The timeless, reliable comfort of cotton means that consumers don’t need to purchase synthetic bedding to find the softness that they desire. 


And given the amount of time we spend on our bedding, it’s important to prioritize sheets with properties that are kind to our bodies. As a naturally hypoallergenic and gentle fiber, cotton is recommended by dermatologists worldwide for those with sensitive skin and allergies. These soothing properties can benefit any consumer, and is a testament to the soft, natural comfort of cotton.  



Natural Sustainability


A comfortable night’s sleep can also look like a sustainable one thanks to cotton’s naturally biodegradable properties. And consumers already prioritize cotton when purchasing with sustainability in mind—with 91% of consumers considering cotton to be the safest fiber compared to 45% of consumers who believe polyester is safest.


If you’re trying to choose a fiber that doesn’t harm the world around us, think cotton. Cotton is proven to biodegrade in soil and wastewater faster than polyester alternatives, while never sacrificing the luxurious comfort that consumers know and love.7  Even through frequent launderings, you can rest easy knowing that cotton’s effects on the environment are minimal compared to synthetic bedding on the market.


Engineered With You In Mind


Cotton is recommended by dermatologists worldwide for its naturally hypoallergenic properties. Millions of people suffer from sensitive skin, and their bedding should be as gentle on the skin as possible. A clinical trial conducted in an independent laboratory found that in a patch test on 200 individuals, cotton did not irritate any participant’s skin8.


These gentle-on-skin properties means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that you and your loved ones, even those with sensitive skin, won’t have to worry about skin irritation or reactions.

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