Sustainable Living Collection

Designed with consideration for both style and environmental impact, this collection utilizes natural fibers like cotton and wool, along with responsibly sourced dyes and innovative technology, to create fashionable choices.


Starting with the women’s turtleneck dress and men’s hidden hood pullover, the mix of cotton and wool offers the best of both worlds. The warmth and insulation of fleece construction are paired with the benefits of natural fibers, providing a look and feel reminiscent of traditional fleece but with utilization of natural materials.


The story of cotton’s durability takes center stage in the men’s flat-knit polo, enhanced by TOUGH COTTON™ technology. By incorporating this technology at the yarn level, the garment gains additional abrasion resistance. Designed to last season after season, the intention is to invest in quality and longevity, offering brands a choice that extends the life of apparel.


Responsibly sourced dyes are a standout feature in the women’s cardigan and jumpsuit. With a zero-waste flat knit construction, the cardigan’s dyes are sourced from Botanical Colors, derived from natural indigo. The women’s jumpsuit, on the other hand, uses RECYCROM™ by Officina+39, a versatile, patented recycled dye transforming textile waste into pigment dye, pioneering a future-forward solution.


Adding to the collection, the women’s pullover is equipped with STORM COTTON™ technology for water repellency, providing protection against the elements. The diagonal seaming and mixed use of technical face and back create visual intrigue, all while maintaining the timeless comfort and durability of 100% cotton.


This collection’s elevated looks are brought to life by the design collaborator, Stateless, who has expertly utilized innovations in the FABRICAST™ collection. Through creative exploration and thoughtful integration of style and sustainability, they are crafting a collection where responsible choices and aesthetic sensibilities go hand-in-hand, illustrating how cotton can be the fabric of choice for apparel brands.

Women’s Turtleneck Dress

2022 Collection 

Fabric: Purple Sinker Loop Terry Cord- Cotton/Wool/Polyester | SK-2192-1

Men’s Half Zip

2022 Collection

Fabric: 63% Cotton, 37% Nylon | Cotton/Nylon Twill – 7196

Men’s Long Sleeve Polo

2022 Collection

Fabric: 91% Cotton, 9% Spandex – Black Tuck Mesh – DK-2844-2

Women’s Shawl Collar Kimono Cardigan With Belt

2022 Collection

Fabric: 100% Cotton, FK-1108

Women’s Cropped Pullover

2022 Collection

Fabric: Double Face Jacquard Double Knit- 91% Cotton, 9% Spandex – DK-2844-3

Women’s Long Sleeve Utility Jumpsuit

2022 Collection

Fabric: Natural Dyed Twill- 100% Cotton – 7307

Cotton incorporated collaborated with Stateless Design to design and create this curated garment collection to highlight Cotton Incorporated’s FABRICAST™ fabrics. The fabrics chosen are often enhanced with Cotton Incorporated’s performance technologies for added moisture management or water repellency.