Urban Sportswear Collection

Designed using unique constructions and performance technologies, this urban sportswear collection transforms cotton fabrics into timeless fashion.


An ongoing trend in fashion is performance through construction. This is best highlighted in the men’s button-down shirt featuring a mock leno lightweight woven fabrication. The mock leno construction has built-in breathability through integral pinholes in the fabric that increase air permeability and flow making it a great solution for active and outdoor wear.


Knitwear is taken to a performance level featuring STORM COTTON™ technology on a conversational jacquard sleeveless button-back top.


Interesting texture is conveyed in surface design constructions. A chic romper features a cotton knit terry with a brushed surface and subtle textural patterning. A cotton blend jacquard swiss dot knit is subtle and drapable in a sleeveless maxi dress. The use of recycled cotton content in novelty yarns provides a refreshing look in an ombré stripe French Terry cardigan and all-weather workwear jacket.


The Urban Sportswear Collection was created in collaboration with Stateless based out of NYC.  Stateless added their expertise in fashion design and development to bring this collection to life with 3D digital and physical samples to showcase the inspiring possibilities of cotton.


Jacquard Button Back Blouse

2022 Collection

Fabric: FK-1097, 7321

Featuring STORM COTTON™ water repellency technology

Jacquard Terry Swiss Dot Dress

2022 Collection

Fabrics: SK-2170-2


Sinker Loop Terry Romper

2022 Collection

Fabric: SK-2153-1A


Recycled French Terry Cardigan

2022 Collection

Fabric: SK-2183-1


Mock Leno Button Up Shirt

2022 Collection

Fabrics: 7380


Recycled Twill Workwear Jacket

2022 Collection

Fabrics: 7371-1

Cotton incorporated collaborated with Stateless Design to design and create this curated garment collection to highlight Cotton Incorporated’s FABRICAST™ fabrics. The fabrics chosen are often enhanced with Cotton Incorporated’s performance technologies for added moisture management or water repellency.