Visual Merchandising: Investigating Design Principles & Art Elements

15-Point Checklist for Displays

(Section 4, Part 2-1)

Does the merchandise or display:


  • Attract attention
  • Build store and fashion image
  • Assist customers in self-selection
  • Present the “total look” depicting the target consumer’s lifestyle
  • Inform the customer of the latest fashion trends
  • Sell merchandise


10 Common Sense Rules for Displaying

(Section 4, Part 2-2)


  1. Never display one remaining piece of an item (unless it is a one-of-a-kind, very exclusive, or represents the entire classification).
  2. Never mix sizes of coordinates or layered items.
  3. Always display the smaller size of a garment when available.
  4. Always position the display near the featured merchandise.
  5. Always accessorize in order to present the total look. Remember, sometimes less is more.
  6. Remember, merchandise comes first, but close behind is the idea (theme).
  7. Always pay close attention to the small details such as housekeeping, visible tickets, wrinkles, etc.
  8. Carefully choose an attention-getting device.
  9. Select merchandise that is new and newsworthy.
  10. Always select display techniques that enhance the merchandise and present a consistent store and fashion image to the target consumer.



(Section 4, Part 3)


  • Establishing the Retail Environment & Store Image: Visual Merchandising & Display
  • Six Basic Principles of a Retail Merchandise Presentation or Display