Visual Merchandising: Presentation by Color

Visual Merchandising

Presentation by Color (Section 3, Part 2)

This course addresses the importance of color when marketing and merchandising products in the retail store. These parts expand the use of visual merchandising in today’s modern retail store in order to increase sales volume, profit margin, and market share.


Color is the single most important element in both merchandise presentation and display. In fact, color is the first element in any visual presentation that attracts attention. Color may create or become 80 % of the merchandise/display presentation. However, color is a personal, individual, private experience that is influenced by culture, regional and global locations, and environmental background. For example, in the United States, the traditional attire of the bride is a white wedding dress, while in other countries red is the color of choice. For funerals, black is the color frequently worn to symbolize sadness and death in western countries; but white is the color of death in China, and purple is the color that designates death in Brazil.