How Fiber Quality Impacts Your End Product

Sourcing Cotton


How Fiber Quality Impacts Your End Product

How does the quality of your fiber choice impact your final product? In this webinar, we will walk you through key aspects of choosing the right cotton fiber for your end product, including:


  • Why and how fiber quality is measured
  • How data is used to optimize the selection and end-use of cotton fiber
  • How to talk to a mill to get the right fiber in your products
  • Examples of common fiber myths around cotton

Classification of U.S. Cotton

Cotton classification is the application of USDA official standards and standardized procedures for measuring physical attributes of raw cotton that affect the quality of the finished product and/or manufacturing efficiency.


USDA’s classing methodology provides the best possible information on cotton quality for marketing and processing. USDA classification currently consists of determinations of fiber length, length uniformity, fiber strength, micronaire, color, trash, leaf, and extraneous matter.