Quality Assurance: Water Testing

Performance Water Testing

Performance water testing is focused on the absorption of liquid and its movement on the surface of and/or through a fabric.



The rain/water tests measure resistance to or repellency of water on the surface or through a fabric.


Rain Test

The rain test was originally published by AATCC in 1947. This standard has been reaffirmed, revised, and used since it was developed.


Water Repellency: Spray Test

The principle of the AATCC 22 Water Repellency: Spray Test is to judge the pattern of water spray on the surface of a fabric specimen under controlled conditions using a visual rating scale.


AATCC Test Methods

AATCC Test Methods 22 Water Repellency Spray Test and 35 Water Resistance (Rain Test) are the most widely used to set performance specifications for coats and jackets.



Other tests for water absorbency, repellency, and resistance are standards developed by AATCC. AATCC’s focus for standard test method development is on fabric attributes related to fabric wet-processing and finishing. AATCC does not develop performance specifications for categories of textile end products. ASTM does develop test methods and performance specifications for textile and apparel products. One such test is ASTM D47-72, a water flow test that measures the absorbency of terry fabrics used in towels.



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A fabric characteristic measured as the increase of specified distance under a prescribed tension, usually expressed as a percentage of…

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An increase in distance of specified benchmarks after extension to a prescribed tension for a time interval followed by the…

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Water Repellency

The characteristic of a fabric to prevent water from being absorbed or passed through the fabric structure.

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Water Resistance

The ability of a fabric to withstand water going through its structure.

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Stain Release

The ability of a fabric to let go of soil particulate, oils, or other sources of discoloration after laundering.

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