Jacquard Weave


Jacquard is a patterned fabric produced on a weaving loom. May be sectional or all-over design in color and texture.



Jacquard Flat Knit


Double Knit Jacquard


Shedding System

The jacquard head motion is the most complex shedding system. Jacquard shedding exhibits control on each individual warp yarn independent of all other warp yarns. Up to 12,000 warp ends can be controlled. These systems can employ mechanical or electronic devices to actuate the warp ends. Design capability is virtually unlimited. Pattern areas can equal the width of the fabric and are almost unlimited in length.


Jacquard Loom

Fabrics made on jacquard looms are normally more expensive because of their complexity and slower weaving speed. There are no harness frames on this style of loom. Each end is activated independently, being controlled by its own harness cord from the jacquard head. The harness cord is attached to a heddle which is pulled down by a spring in most cases, but in some of the older and slower models, weights are used to pull the heddles down to achieve the pattern.




Jacquard loom weaving fabric with a large-scale pattern.


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Jacquard, Joseph Marie

The French inventor of the head motion that bears his name. This head motion device is cited as being the…

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Jacquard Weaving

Patterned fabric produced on a weaving loom. May be sectional or all over design in color and texture.

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Jacquard Shedding

The form of shedding that is the result of using a jacquard head to control individual heddles to form the…

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Jacquard Loom

A loom that is equipped with a jacquard head. Each warp end on a jacquard loom is controlled individually by…

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