Sustainability Summit 2022

Cotton Sustainability Research Begins in the U.S.


Since its founding in 1970 through to the present day, the programs of Cotton Incorporated continue to help the cotton industry realize its commitment to sustainable practices.


Over the past 50 years, the work of the company’s Agricultural & Environmental Research Division, and most recently, the Sustainability Division, has been instrumental in improving grower efficiency-from collaborating on the development of better harvesting systems, to its role as a facilitator for scientists mapping the cotton genome, developing a first-of-its-kind Global Cotton Life Cycle Assessment, and understanding cotton’s role in carbon capture and sequestration.


Every year, Cotton Incorporated supervises over 400 agricultural research projects. Most of these projects are focused specifically on optimizing efficiencies: decreasing inputs of fertilizer, pesticides, and water and identifying optimal soil conservation management practices, and more. The U.S. cotton industry shares this leading-edge research freely around the world through conferences, publications, and websites.


These efforts have led cotton growers to continuously improve their environmental footprint and be one step closer to achieving the U.S. cotton industry’s sustainability goals.


Explore a sample of the climate-smart, sustainability research at Cotton Incorporated by downloading our booklet, Cotton Sustainability Research Begins in the U.S.


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