5 Reasons to Celebrate Cotton in Your Supply Chain

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Image of plant earth with cotton plants growing out of it, the cotton logo and World cotton Day

Celebrate World Cotton Day with us this Wednesday, October 7!

World Cotton Day is a global celebration designed to promote cotton and all its stakeholders in production, transformation, and trade while also promoting the many technological advances and ongoing research related to cotton and cotton products.

While we celebrate cotton every day, here are five reasons to celebrate cotton in your supply chain right now:

Cotton can be circular

You know cotton as comfortable, durable, and incredibly versatile. Cotton can also be reused, recycled, and returned to the earth. So whatever product you make, there can be a circular path ahead when you make it with cotton.

Cotton is biodegradable

Cotton is a natural fiber, grown with water, soil, sunlight, and seeds.

Choose apparel made from natural materials to reduce the time your garments take to break down in water and soil environments.1,2

Cotton is innovative

From water-repellent finishes to enhanced durability to moisture-wicking constructions, cotton performance technologies are designed to go where you go.

Cotton is digital ready

Create and iterate products with ease, make decisions faster, and dramatically reduce wasted samples—now with the natural inspiration of cotton.

Download our digital cotton fabric files—compatible with CLO and Browzwear software – to get started.

Cotton is on trend

Stay ahead of what consumers want with our latest research-based trend forecasts.

Cotton Incorporated’s trend forecast equips you with what’s next in color, silhouettes, and fabrics.*

*Access to this content is exclusive to CottonWorks™ industry professional users.

[1] Research conducted with North Carolina State University (2018)
[2] In composting tests, cotton fabric samples underwent a weight loss of approximately 50-77% after 90 days in a composting facility. Li, Lili; Frey, Margaret; Browning, Kristie (2010). Biodegradability study on cotton and polyester fabrics. Journal of Engineered Fiber and Fabrics, 5(4), 42–53.