An Inspiring Vision for the Future of Cotton & Design

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Cotton Incorporated announces winners of Cotton Forward: 3D Fashion Design Challenge in collaboration with Arts Thread. This exciting competition invited future industry professionals to create innovative fashion designs using cotton fabrics and 3D technology.

The competition received entries from 27 design schools across the United States. Themes of travel, versatility and contemporary forms resonated across the collections.

“The judges were astonished by the talent, creativity and technical capabilities of the participants, their collections and extensive resources available through the CottonWorks™ platform,” says Megan Peterson, director of marketing and industry programs for Cotton Incorporated.  “These talented professionals truly demonstrated how cotton and digital design is an integral part of fashion’s future and the ability for cotton to be a key element in travel and outdoor apparel.”

“An inspiring vision for the future — The Arts Thread x Cotton Incorporated competition created a path for young designers to showcase their talents through innovation and creativity. Drawing on the value of digital fashion design and use of cotton fabrics, the Cotton Forward competition opened up the potential for the digitalization of the fashion industry,” comments Clare Tattersall, founder of Digital Fashion Week.  “The level of skill, imagination and technical knowledge was remarkable, we now have a new slate of designers to watch out for.”

The Winners:

First Place | $5,000 prize

Jacob Frothingham, Buffalo State University | 2025 Graduate

Collection Name: True Delusion 

Designer Statement: Introducing the True Delusion Collection, a captivating exploration of modern identity and self-expression through looks tailored for both men and women. Each ensemble is meticulously crafted with CottonWorks™ digital fabrics, selected for their superior quality, versatility, and sustainability to embody the ethos of contemporary fashion. 

Second Place | $3,500 prize

Britney Spangenberg, Missouri State University | 2024 graduate

Collection Name: Making Outerwear a Statement 

Designer Statement: This 3D Mini Collection focuses on making Outerwear a Statement through fabric volume, featuring ruched design elements, a subtle original chain print, and a contemporary color palette. This collection was produced in Browzwear Vstitcher and crafted exclusively from digital fabrics downloaded from the CottonWorks™ Digital Fabric Library. My ensembles feature fabrics treated with STORM COTTON™ durable water-repellant finish and are designed with longevity in mind. 

Third Place | $1,500 prize

Kailey Itri, Texas Tech University | 2024 graduate

Collection Name: The Urban Cotton Essentials Collection  

Designer Statement: The Urban Cotton Essentials Collection is a contemporary fusion of streetwear and commuter wear, designed for today’s modern explorer. Featuring modular designs and innovative fabrics from CottonWorks™, each piece blends style, functionality, and versatility to meet the demands of today’s active lifestyles. Inspired by the natural world and urban environments, this collection empowers individuals to navigate their daily journeys with ease and confidence. 

Open to students in the U.S. and recent graduates, the competition challenged participants to submit their cotton digital fashion creations from the CottonWorks™ Digital Fabric Library, a unique collection of over 400 free-to-download digital cotton fabric files compatible with CLO3D and Browzwear. The competition’s judging panel comprised experts in apparel design and 3D technology:

  • Clare Tattersall, founder of Digital Fashion Week
  • Soojin Kang, assistant professor of fashion technology at Parsons School of Design
  • Katherine Absher, manager of fashion and digital design at Cotton Incorporated