Recent Webinar: Back-to-School Buying Behaviors Post-Pandemic

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Between a pandemic-driven recession and unprecedented stimulus to spur consumer spending, the past year has been a roller coaster for the economy and consumers. Despite initial drops, clothing expenditures outperformed overall spending and continue to top shopping lists.

With vaccinations well underway, we are collectively emerging from the pandemic and many of us are dressing differently than we did before. As children get ready to return to in-person learning this fall, many are wearing different sizes and want different styles from when they last went to school in person.

Emerging Consumers: Back-to-School Buying Behaviors Post-Pandemic

This webinar covers how the pandemic will affect back-to-school shopping, including:

+  How parents will shop

+  Where clothing will fall on parents’ list of priorities

+  The types of clothes they plan to buy for their children


Melissa Bastos, Director of Corporate Strategy & Insight, Cotton Incorporated

Jon Devine, Senior Economist, Cotton Incorporated

Download Back-to-School Buying Behaviors Post-Pandemic slides.

Webinar originally played June 30, 2021.