Supply Chain Insights: Childrenswear

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The global market for childrenswear is projected to reach $239 billion by 2023. The five-year growth of 40% in childrenswear outpaces growth in overall apparel, projected at 27% from 2018-2023. Markets in Asia will see the largest growth, as parents purchase fashionable clothing for their children. In addition to these in-store experiences, online tools allow children and their parents to browse and buy clothing together.


  • E-commerce is an essential channel for parents and their children to browse and buy clothing.
  • Parents and children negotiate clothing purchases, as they balance differing views on style and function.
  • In the end parents want their children to be comfortable in their clothing, and rate cotton highest in comfort.


The childrenswear shopping journey is marked by negotiation between parent and child, especially as children age and develop a growing sense of personal style. Beyond these struggles, parents look for clothes that will be comfortable for their children and will last – and they rate cotton highest in these attributes. Brands and retailers can help parents by providing comfortable childrenswear for their opinionated kids.

Source: Cotton Council International and Cotton Incorporated’s 2019 Global Childrenswear Study. Approximately 8,000 consumers from 8 countries were surveyed. Countries included Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. Additional Sources: Euromonitor International ©2019 Cotton Incorporated.

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