Global Lifestyle Monitor: Japan

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Japanese consumers spent a robust $89.6 billion on clothing in 2017. With a declining population, this number is expected to shrink 12% by 2030. Brands & retailers can gain an edge in this competitive market by understanding their needs and shopping habits.


Japan is a highly connected country, with 92% of the population using the internet and more mobile phone accounts than people (130 accounts per 100 individuals)² . They use this connectivity to research clothing online before going to physical stores to make purchases, spending more of their shopping journey online than consumers globally. Reach these consumers with an active online presence combined with engaging, informative in-store experiences.


As Japanese consumers’ personal financial outlook has steadily risen from 13% optimism in 2010 to 36% in 2018, they are more likely to choose quality over price when purchasing clothing. While still price-conscious, consumers look for comfort, color, and fit when shopping for clothing and are intrigued by clothing with performance features to help monitor and address physical processes such as perspiration and hydration.

With the second highest median age in the world, companies in Japan increasingly look to target older consumers, many of whom are women. Nearly half of Japanese women 45+ are optimistic about their personal financial circumstances, and 54% regularly purchase clothes for others. Reach these consumers with in-store clothing inspiration and details about items’ quality, fiber content, and laundering.