Global Lifestyle Monitor: Mexico

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Mexican consumers spent $17.9 billion on clothing in 2017, or $140 per person. A projected 37% growth in apparel spending by 2030 is expected to outpace population growth. Seize opportunities by offering cotton-rich clothing, especially denim jeans, and interactive shopping experiences.


Traditional retail dominates Mexico’s apparel market, as nearly three in four consumers prefer to research and purchase clothing in physical stores. Though 59% of the population uses the internet², only half (49%) have ever shopped online for clothing, either to browse for ideas or purchase items. Instead, Mexican consumers prefer to interact in-person throughout their shopping journey, showing a higher preference for in-store experiences compared to global consumer averages. Reach these consumers by maintaining this human element with interactive in-person and online experiences


Mexican consumers look for clothing that is comfortable, durable, high quality, and at a price they can afford. Clothing made of cotton-rich fabrics meet these purchase drivers, especially babywear and intimates. An interest in new performance technologies to help address physical process, such as perspiration and hydration, and more easily use electronic devices provides opportunities for innovative offerings

Mexican consumers love denim jeans, and it is no wonder. The country is one of the largest manufacturers of denim, and the fabric has a strong cultural heritage in Mexico. Nearly all Mexican consumers (98%) own at least one pair of denim jeans, and one in four (23%) report wearing jeans every day of the week. Draw on Mexico’s cultural and economic affinity for denim to market these durable and versatile garments.

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