Global Lifestyle Monitor: Thailand

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Consumers in Thailand spent $10.2 billion on clothing in 2018, marking a third year of growth since experiencing a downturn in 2008. This steady progress is expected to continue for an 81% growth in the apparel market by 2030. Pair optimized digital platforms with price-conscious casual clothing to reach this robust consumer market.


Thai consumers enjoy shopping for clothing (69%) both online and in-store. Though just 41% of the population uses the internet regularly (at least once per week)1, 59% of consumers have shopped for clothing online. Digital purchases are expected to grow to 37% of all consumer spending by 2022, with particularly strong growth in mobile shopping. While many browse online, Thai consumers are more likely to frequent street markets and small, independent stores.


Thai consumers prefer casual clothing that provides comfort, fit, durability, and quality. They own an average of 14 T-shirts and 8 casual slacks compared to fewer dress shirts (5), dress pants (2), or skirts (4). Emphasizing comfort, nine in ten consumers (89%) say their most-worn clothing is made of cotton and a similar proportion (86%) say cotton-rich fabrics are best suited for today’s fashions. Meet Thai consumers’ needs with high quality, comfortable casual wear that moves with them throughout their days.

Street markets are a staple of the Thai economy and culture and a popular destination for shopping, as 84% of consumers use them to shop for clothes and nearly two in three (62%) buy most of their clothes at these venues. At the same time, online shopping is rapidly growing in Thailand, particularly on mobile devices. The features sought by street market shoppers – price, selection, and convenience – are the same that draw global consumers to online marketplaces. Build on this growing digital market by reaching out to a ready consumer base looking for affordable clothing in a wide variety with an easy retail process.

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Source: Cotton Council International and Cotton Incorporated’s Global Lifestyle Monitor Survey, a biennial consumer research study. In the 2018 survey approximately 10,000 consumers (i.e. 1,000 consumers in 10 countries) were surveyed. External Source: 1Euromonitor International