Introducing RESTech COTTON™ Technology

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The Future of Sustainable, Comfortable, and Durable Cotton Sheeting Technology

Cotton Incorporated introduces RESTech COTTON™ technology, a performance sheeting solution. This technology seamlessly blends cool comfort, exceptional durability, and gentle softness, all while prioritizing sustainability. Initially tested for bed sheets, this versatile technology can also be adapted for a range of top-of-bed products, including duvets and blankets. “We’ve captured the timeless comfort of cotton and enhanced it with modern innovation,” says Jennifer Lukowiak, Director, Supply Chain Marketing. “This technology is a perfect choice for those seeking not just better sleep but a more sustainable one. It’s another proud milestone in our continuous effort to promote the natural excellence of cotton.”

Consumer Preferences Speak Volumes

When it comes to home textiles, consumers are not just discerning; they are specific in their requirements, a fact illuminated by the Home Textiles Survey conducted by Cotton Incorporated. This comprehensive study shows that an overwhelming 79% of respondents place quality at the forefront when selecting sheets.

Additionally, 70% actively look for the “100% cotton” label, reinforcing the market’s inclination toward natural fibers. An impressive 80% are willing to invest more in higher quality linens, underscoring the essential role that comfort plays in their lives. Furthermore, the survey highlights that 87% of consumers acknowledge the connection between quality bedding and improved sleep quality. Not to be overlooked is the 71% who are genuinely committed to environmentally friendly textile options[1]. These insights don’t merely echo consumer preferences; they resonate with the key values that RESTech COTTON™ technology provides – comfort, quality, and sustainability.

The Science of Cool Comfort for Hot Sleepers

For individuals who frequently experience restless nights due to overheating, RESTech COTTON™ technology offers a solution. This innovative technology enhances cotton’s inherent thermo-regulating properties, elevating the sleep experience to new heights of comfort. According to laboratory studies and internal research, RESTech COTTON™ technology achieves an exceptional milestone: it dries 50% faster than rayon upon skin contact[2].

But the technology goes beyond mere moisture management. It also amplifies cotton’s natural ability to regulate temperature, which is verified to assist in maintaining a decrease in body temperature after one falls asleep. Studies show that individuals sleeping on cotton exhibit the least brain activity and experience fewer fluctuations in body temperature compared to those sleeping on other fibers[3]. These factors collectively indicate a deeper, more restful sleep. In an era where sleep quality is often compromised, RESTech COTTON™ technology stands out as the preferred choice for hot sleepers seeking a cooler, more comfortable night’s rest.

Engineered for Endurance

When it comes to durability, RESTech COTTON™ technology stands out, having shown remarkable performance in fabric testing. This focus on durability positions the technology as a compelling option for those looking for longer-lasting quality in their bedding.

By outperforming polyester and rayon sheets in durability tests [4], RESTech COTTON™ fabric withstands frequent home launderings while maintaining its quality appearance and feel over time. This resonates with quality-minded brands and consumers alike, offering a level of comfort that is designed to last, meeting the demands of those who prioritize lasting comfort in their bedding choices.

Luxurious Softness: Transforming Sleep One Fiber at a Time

In a market rich with options, RESTech COTTON™ technology distinguishes itself by delivering a heightened level of softness. Developed to be up to 40% softer than untreated cotton sheets [5], this fabric technology brings an enhanced sense of comfort to your sleep experience.

This softness isn’t simply a feature; it’s an alignment with what both consumers and retailers expect from high-quality, luxurious bedding. RESTech COTTON™ technology provides a gentle touch that sets it apart from synthetic textile alternatives, satisfying the demands of discerning consumers and retailers alike. For those who value comfort in their bedding, RESTech COTTON™ technology offers a soothing sleep experience that is both relaxing and luxurious.

Focused on Sustainability and Natural Fibers

RESTech COTTON™ technology isn’t just about comfort and durability; it’s also a mindful choice for the environment. Crafted from 100% natural fibers, this fabric technology offers an option that is both biodegradable[6] and recyclable[7]. It aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable products, offering a sleep experience that is not only comfortable but also conscientious.

This approach positions RESTech COTTON™ technology as a responsible choice in the bedding market, balancing the need for comfort, sustainability, and skin-friendly properties. It’s crafted to provide the timeless comfort of cotton, without the reliance on synthetic fibers. Additionally, its natural fibers offer a biodegradable and recyclable option, contributing to efforts to combat environmental challenges like macroplastic and microplastic pollution.

Naturally Hypoallergenic: Designed with Sensitive Skin in Mind

When it comes to choosing bedding, those with sensitive skin or allergies can face a narrow set of options. RESTech COTTON™ technology broadens those choices, offering a fabric that is not only luxurious and durable but also naturally hypoallergenic[8]. Commonly recommended by dermatologists, cotton’s gentle, soothing texture makes it the ideal material for anyone looking to wrap themselves in comfort while minimizing skin irritation.

The hypoallergenic properties of RESTech COTTON™ technology make it a standout choice in a market that often uses synthetic fibers. Here, comfort goes beyond just the tactile feel of the sheets; it extends to the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re sleeping on material that’s as kind to your skin as it is to the environment.

RESTech COTTON™ technology is more than just a product; it’s a testament to Cotton Incorporated’s continuous efforts to promote the natural excellence and sustainability of cotton. Marcy E. Gang, Executive Account Manager, Supply Chain Marketing, encapsulates this sentiment: “RESTech COTTON™ technology is not just an innovation; it’s a response to consumer needs and preferences. It’s about creating a product that resonates with what people want: quality, comfort, and sustainability. We’re excited to bring this technology to market, setting a new standard in home textiles.” For home brands, retailers, and the broader textile community interested in delving deeper into this technology, we invite you to explore the home textile resources available and for more detailed inquiries, feel free to reach out directly to Marcy E. Gang at

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