Cotton Incorporated Features New Sustainable Mineral Pigments

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In the fashion industry, sustainability is more than just a buzzword – it’s a key factor in consumer purchasing decisions. As consumers increasingly demand more environmentally conscious practices, the industry is undergoing a shift towards more sustainable alternatives. Cotton Incorporated is committed to sharing new advances in sustainable garment practices. The Fabricast™ library, which features hundreds of free and downloadable cotton fabrics, now features new fabrics dyed using ZETATERRA pigments by ZAITEX, a mineral pigment that’s redefining the landscape of sustainable garment dyeing.

Derived from natural sources, ZETATERRA pigments prioritize environmental responsibility throughout their lifecycle. Unlike conventional pigments, which often rely on synthetic or environmentally harmful ingredients, These pigments harness the power of the earth itself, drawing inspiration from its Italian roots and the soil from which it originates.

Flat Knit

A textural flat knit dyed using ZETATERRA pigments and can be found by searching FK-1128 in our FABRICAST™ library.

Single Knit 

A three end french terry single knit dyed using ZETATERRA pigments and can be found by searching SK-2181-1 in our FABRICAST™ library.


A beautiful woven fabric is a skip dent plain weave dyed using ZETATERRA pigments and can be found by searching 7374-1 in our FABRICAST™ library.

What sets ZETATERRA apart is its performance. With high light and washing fastness, garments dyed with these pigments retain their vibrancy after washing. With a low operating temperature, the pigments also reduce energy consumption, making them a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice for brands.

Their compatibility with easy wastewater treatment methods, thanks to the absence of electrolytes, minimizes environmental impact, paving the way for a more sustainable future in manufacturing.

A vibrant sweater and pleated pants were dyed with ZETATERRA pigments and are featured in a newly updated collection within the Natural Section of the CottonWorks™ Virtual Showroom

Cotton Incorporated recently participated in the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland in April showcasing fabrics featuring these mineral pigments. For those who could not attend, there is still an opportunity to explore how these dyes can enhance sustainable fashion efforts. Contact us at to learn more.