2023 NACDS’ Total Store Expo Showcase Features Cotton Brands

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Cotton Incorporated Sponsored Product Showcase Highlights the Seal of Cotton Trademark

Since it was established in 1973, Cotton Incorporated’s Seal of Cotton trademark has grown into an iconic household brand. And with 50 years of marketing support from Cotton Incorporated, it’s no wonder that 8 in 10 consumers recognize the trademark and trust it to identify natural, reliable, and hypoallergenic products.

Brands that use cotton in their products can harness the power of the Seal through Cotton Incorporated’s no-fee trademark licensing program. From packaging to signage, the Seal of Cotton trademark is a point of distinction and a powerful sales builder for brands seeking to grow their business, stand out for sustainability, and much more.

Cotton Incorporated first marketed the Seal of Cotton trademark at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) in August of 2022. This year, they’re expanding the Seal of Cotton trademark’s presence by sponsoring NACDS Product Showcase exhibits at Total Store Expo.

“We are always looking for new and creative ways to support the consumer goods industry in their cotton business. Sponsoring product showcases to highlight sustainable cotton brands is just another way we further our mission of influencing the use of cotton in products while providing great value to our Seal of Cotton trademark licensees” says Meghan Holliday, associate director of nonwovens marketing. “This August, Cotton Incorporated will be featuring three stand-out cotton brands in beauty and hygiene at NACDS’ Total Store Expo.”

The San Diego show is one of the largest gatherings of retailers and suppliers in the health and wellness industry, and Cotton Incorporated’s Product Showcase will highlight the important role natural fibers hold in this ever-growing market sector. The brands featured this year stand out in their categories for their strength in marketing the cotton advantage. 


Cotton-based beauty products

Intrinsics calls themselves “the first family of American cotton”and with good reason! The beauty supplier’s parent company, Barnhardt Manufacturing, opened its doors in 1900 as a supplier of layered cotton batting for cushions. Since 1999, Intrinsics has been creating single-use, cotton-based products for the salon and spa market. 

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Sustainable period care

Sparkle is on a mission to make period care “as natural as it can get.” From 100 percent cotton tampons to plant-based pads, they’re leading the way toward a sustainable future for every phase of people’s periods.

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Kudos is the first disposable diaper to be lined with 100 percent cotton. Founded by a team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers, they’re “rolling, crawling, stepping toward a plastic-free future.”

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