Trade Patterns for Sourcing Cotton

Understanding Chinese Cotton & U.S. Import Regulations

Learn how cotton flows through each stage of China’s supply chain and how a leading trade association for U.S. importers is helping companies assess the situation.


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Webinar originally played 3/9/21.


Where is Cotton Grown?

Cotton is a global agricultural commodity, produced and traded worldwide.


Cotton Around the World

Production & Mill Consumption

Cotton mill use or consumption refers to fiber spun into yarn or used in manufacturing for products such as nonwovens.


This video briefly outlines where cotton is grown and used in manufacturing around the world.


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Understanding Cotton Production Systems: Genetically Modified, Conventional, & Organic

Get to know the distinction between genetically modified, organic, and conventional cotton in the context of sustainability conversations.


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Where is Cotton Traded?


Cotton Exports

The top four exporters by origin of raw cotton account for 80% of global shipments of raw cotton.

Cotton Imports

The top five importers of raw cotton account for about 75% of globally traded cotton.

Cotton Imports

Source: USDA: Cotton World Markets and Trade; Averages for five crop years (2018/19-2022/23); crop years run August 1 through July 31. 

Cotton Flow

Exports, Imports, and the Flow Out of China

This video outlines the flow of cotton through China, from raw fiber to finished goods.


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China & the Global Cotton Supply Chain

Flow of Cotton Out of China

In this video, Cotton Incorporated’s Senior Economist, Jon Devine, discusses essential information related to sourcing cotton from China and extends his insights and analysis into the potential risk levels of using cotton from the Asian region and Western Hemisphere.


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