Adding Stretch to Fabric

June 18, 2024

This workshop covers techniques to produce stretch in fabrics across a variety of different textile processes. Discussions will cover different performance aspects of stretch, proper manufacturing of these products, and differences between processing stretch and non-stretch fabrics. Case studies of a knit fabric and a woven fabric will be utilized to facilitate learning and give attendees real-world practice. Participants will learn how to effectively communicate with suppliers to meet goals.

The application period has closed for this workshop.

Time Frame

  • 1:00–3:30 p.m. ET

Topics Covered

  • Proper assembly of stretch fiber and cotton into yarns, including core-spun yarns
  • Knitting and weaving with stretch yarns
  • Wet processing to prevent distortion of stretch fabrics
  • Heat setting and its impact on stretch performance, strength, and dimensional control
  • Better communication with mills

Why Attend

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role of construction in stretch fabrics.
  • Practice identifying fabric stretch deficiency.
  • Receive first-class instruction from industry professionals.


  • This is an intermediate-level course. Familiarity with yarns and fabric formation is recommended.