Functional Finishing

September 24, 2024
Seattle, WA

The workshop covers the basic components for the performance or functional finishing of fabrics and garments using chemical technology. Instruction covers the various chemistries and techniques used to provide performance that reaches beyond fabric color and appearance. The lectures will describe these finishing techniques as well as the equipment used. Detailed discussions will be held on functional finishes such as wrinkle-free, moisture management, water repellency, soil and stain resistance and retardancy, anti-odor, and more.

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  • 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. PST

Topics Covered

  • Softeners and hand builders
  • Durable press finishing
  • Water repellency
  • Soil and stain release
  • Moisture management processes

Why Attend

  • Acquire technical knowledge of basic chemistries and their application to provide for better end-product decisions.
  • Receive first-class instruction from industry professionals.
  • Meet peers from other companies with similar responsibilities and interests.


  • This is an intermediate-level workshop. Knowledge of fabric formation and dyeing processes is a plus.